Want to Win This iPad Air – Enter the Small World Initiative Meme Contest



Sometimes it takes humor to shed light on a serious subject. Use your creativity to create an original SWI-related meme and increase our presence on social media. You must be a current/former SWI student, instructor, or staff member to enter.


1st Place Winner: iPad Air

*Should a student win first place, that student’s SWI instructor will also win a matching award.


Friday, March 11th (midnight Pacific Time)

How to Enter

1) You must be a current or former SWI student, SWI instructor, or SWI staff member to be eligible.

2) You must follow @Team_SWI on Twitter, like SWI on Facebook, join SWI’s Facebook group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/240023149455464), and/or follow us on Instagram to be eligible for points on that platform.

3) Create an original meme related to SWI (e.g., antibiotic resistance, lab safety, etc.). Be funny and creative! You may add a funny phrase on your favorite internet meme or create your own from scratch. (You can make memes using PowerPoint or Photoshop or through one of the online meme generators: memedad.com, imgflip.com/memegenerator, makeameme.org, memegenerator.net, livememe.com.)

4) Post your original meme(s) on Twitter, Instagram, or SWI’s Facebook group page. Include your full name and school/institution and the following hashtags: #smallworldinitiative #SWImemecontest #sciencememe.

5) Get people to like and comment on your entries.

How Scores are Calculated

On each platform where you are eligible, the total number of likes and comments will be added together for all of your entries to get your total score. Any personal likes/comments will be excluded from the tally. The Social Media/PR Committee, Recognition Committee, SWI’s President, and Partner Lead will then review the top 10 entrants with the most points to select the final winner.


Don’t be offensive! While we understand that there is sometimes a fine line between what one person considers funny and another person considers offensive, SWI leadership will make final determinations on what is offensive. Any offensive entries should be immediately taken down upon request.

Meme Usage

By submitting an entry, entrants agree that the Small World Initiative may use, repost, and publish entries. Meme creators will be credited if/when their entries are used.