Please click on the below links to submit your data.

Class Reporting Form

This form helps us track how often SWI is being taught and how many students go through the program. Each semester, please click here to submit this data.

Science Data Collection Summary Form

This form is helping us flag any issues and plan for a throughput and educational screening lab. Please click here to enter your data each time you complete teaching a course.

Soil Sample Database

Students and instructors should create an account and upload detailed information on their samples to our online soil sample database. Individual data may be used by our planned screening laboratory and as a recorded account of your research. Aggregate data may be used for faculty and student research. Please click here to create an account and enter your data.

In response to some frequently asked questions:

  • Once you create a profile, you may return to edit and add new information to your entries.
  • You may now use any type of email address to set up your account. Your account will be active upon clicking register. You will not receive a registration email.
  • Please keep your password in a safe place as it is very difficult to reset.
  • If your institution is not on the list, please contact us here.
  • If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? Don't let your important research results go unnoticed. Record your data in our online database!