Small World Initiative's® High School Member Benefits

Instructional Materials/Curriculum

Members receive and have access to regularly updated materials that maintain a standard of excellence for teaching SWI's introductory biology course. The volumes are currently in their 4th edition.

Training, Advice, and Assistance

  • Instructor Training Workshop

  • Immediate access to feedback and troubleshooting from experts

  • Mentor pairing

  • Answers to FAQs

Access to Online Resources & Databases

  • Online databases - Our online soil sample database provides the ability for students and faculty to input research data and download all data for aggregate research.

  • Instructor portal, including

    • Teaching resources, including slides for lectures and handouts

    • Extensive biosafety resources

    • Troubleshooting guides

    • Supply requirements and recommendations

    • Pedagogical resources

    • Instructor training handouts and presentations

    • Responsible conduct in research ethics materials

    • Lab notebook rubric and guidelines

    • Research resources

    • Templates

  • Website, Blog

Student Opportunities

Continuously expanding pipeline of opportunities for students to present research, attend conferences and events, publish, receive recognition, be mentored, and apply for internships, fellowships, and jobs. Key annual opportunities include our student challenge and awards.


Faculty Opportunities

  • Continuously expanding pipeline of opportunities for faculty to receive recognition, publish, speak, lead, and collaborate with others.


  • Faculty Opportunities Portal

  • Faculty Awards (including for excellence in mentorship, pedagogical innovation, scientific discovery)

  • Eligibility to participate in group research

  • Mentoring for New Faculty

  • Travel Grants

  • Committee Opportunities (e.g., Publishing, Science, Training, Symposium, Social Media/PR)

Evaluation Tools to Measure Student Impact

We provide instructors with evaluation tools to measure the program's impact on students. Instruments include pre- and post-course surveys that take approximately 10 minutes for students to complete. We also provide guidance on Institutional Review Boards and Head of School approval and consent letters. Periodically, we also provide the opportunity to participate in group research (typically using instruments provided through Qualtrics). When this occurs, participating instructors are provided with access to de-identified data and are invited to participate in group publications.

Tester Strains

  • Safe relatives of the ESKAPE pathogens

Negotiated Pricing

  • Negotiated pricing for PCR sequencing

  • Negotiated arrangements for reduced pricing for certain laboratory equipment, disposable supplies, and testing


  • Monthly announcements

  • Impact report

Projected Additional Benefits on the Horizon

  • Additional modules and follow-on courses

  • Partnerships to store and provide additional testing of samples

  • Ability to participate in projects coming down the pipeline (e.g., iChip pilot)

If you have any questions, please contact Erika Kurt at 347-762-4818 or through our contact form here. To apply to teach the Small World Initiative, please click here.

*The Small World Initiative is a registered 501(c)(3) public charity. Employer Identification Number / Tax ID: 81-1772308.