SWI Partner Instructors

Our network includes more than 500 Partner Instructors teaching at more than 300 schools across 42 states, Puerto Rico, and 15 countries. Partner Instructors participate in a weeklong workshop, where they are trained to teach SWI's introductory microbiology course at their institutions and flip their classrooms using the scientific teaching approach.

US Undergraduate Partner Institutions by Type

Based on Carnegie Classifications

Training workshops have been funded by the Helmsley Charitable Trust, the American Society for Microbiology, and the VWR Foundation.

The SWI network expands a broad range of institution types, including research universities with very high research activity, liberal arts colleges, community colleges, international schools, and high schools. In addition to the US undergraduate partner institutions listed by Carnegie Classifications above, there are also 11 US high schools (7 all girl/4 coed; 7 private/4 public) and 111 international schools (68 postsecondary schools/43 high schools).

Our partners are as diverse as their locations, bringing knowledge and expertise from fields ranging from genetics to general biology and pharmaceutics to agronomy. Among the most popular course-types that are implemented with the Small World Initiative are microbiology, biology for majors and non-majors, and cell and molecular biology.

Partner Map

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Who We Are

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SWI Partner Instructor Training Workshop Photo Gallery

2013 Pilot Partner Training Workshop @ Yale University

2015 Training Workshop @ National University

2014 Training Workshop @ Yale University

2015 Training Workshop @ Jordan University of Science and Technology

2014 E-Training Workshop                        

2016 Training Workshop @ UConn